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Red Eagle--One of our most popular books, details Weatherford's raid and his relationship with Andrew Jackson.


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 Campaign of Mobile--Chronicles in detail one of the last great battles of the War of Northern Aggression.

Sixty Years a Brickmaker by John Williamson Crary.  Crary was a local hero and I have tried to BUY this book for years.   We have the full text and graphics carefully restored!  Crary learned about brickmaking in Ohio and plied his trade down the Mississippi to his adopted home in the South.  Crary invented the ironclad warship for the South and a famous brickmaking machine.  Many topics relevant to manufacturing today! 1890. Paperback, 134 pages. $15+ postage & handling

The Slave Stories-- Florida by writers of  the WPA Writers' Project.  During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration hired writers to interview former slaves and get their story.  This was 1936-1938, but there were still a good many former slaves still living.  These are stories found in Florida.  Prepare to be surprised!  1938.  Paperback, 200+ pages. $15+ postage & handling

Farm Blacksmithing by J. M. Drew.  Blacksmithing is largely variation on a theme.  That is, learn the basics and you can tackle all kinds of jobs with experience.  This little book is a great introduction to blacksmithing tools and techniques.  Why?  Well, on our farm, we have a blacksmith shop and it really comes in handy, especially when we need a part for an antique tractor or machine.  A good blacksmith can mend anything but the break of day or a broken heart. 1901 Paperback, 99 pages. $9+ P&H

Notes on the Floridian Peninsula, its Literary History, Indian Tribes and Antiquities by Daniel G. Brinton.  Whew!  Long title!  Every Floridian should have a copy of this.  The rest of you, too!  Brinton makes his own observation of the flora and fauna and history and delves into other written histories which you might not even know exist.  Ever hear of the Florida volcano?  Is Global Warming real or a hoax?  Great book. 1859. Paperback, 202 pages. $15 + postage & handling

David Taitt's Journal. In 1772, British surveyor David Taitt was sent on a secret mission to map the lands of the Upper Creek Indians in Alabama.  His cover was handling diplomatic issues and trade disputes.  Read carefully and you'll be amazed at all the little intrigues that went on.  Learn about the Indian culture and villages, too, as Taitt travels from Pensacola to modern-day Montgomery and beyond.  1772 Paperback, 72 pages plus index.  $10+ P&H


History of Escambia County Florida by Henry Clay Armstrong.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of our county?  Maybe!  The first section discusses the early explorers and settlement by the Spanish and British.  The second is an interesting story of the development of Escambia County schools.  Finally, we have biographies of the movers and shakers throughout the county.  Learn a little about the people behind the names of streets and schools.  Includes all sorts of useful tidbits for researchers.  1930, Nearly 400 pages $30+P&H

A Blockaded Family-- Getting by in Alabama when the Northern Aggressors have cut off trade.




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